Why Weight Loss Is Harder For Women

Ladies, if you’ve really struggled to lose each pound while you notice that men seem to lose weight without doing much, it is not something you are hallucinating. According to the research, men do lose fat more easily than women, particularly belly fat around the middle waist.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that weight loss is a far-fetched dream for women. You just need to adopt a fundamentally different approach because your body is different. You just need more time and more effort to achieve your goals. Diet and certain other lifestyle changes can help you shed those extra pounds rather quickly if you make them a part of your daily routine.

Reasons why weight loss is harder for women

Men and women have different hormone and body compositions. Estrogen and progesterone – the primary female sex hormones – make them crave food much more often than men. On the other hand, the primary male hormone, testosterone, even though present in both men and women but larger quantities in men, helps with muscle building and fat loss.

Women also face natural and biological challenges when it comes to weight loss. Women have the ability to bear children and nature wants to preserve that capability. If women are at a calorie deficit, it can interfere with their fertility. A women’s body automatically fights weight loss to prevent the risk of damaging the reproductive capacity. Daily calorie consumption for a woman must never be below 1200 calories.

Women have the tendency to gain weight as they age. On an average, women gain one pound every year in their 40s and 50s. This means that they notice an increase of 1 to 2 kg. Estrogen levels drop during this time of pre-menopause leading to weight gain followed by an irregular distribution of fat. Your belly is prone to have fat deposits now.

Age also makes people less active. This means that the ability to burn calories reduces. As you burn lesser calories throughout the day, you start putting on weight. Additionally, you naturally lose muscle mass as a result of hormonal changes, which further reduces your daily rate of calorie-burn. Muscle tissue is responsible for burning calories and if your body has a less lean tissue, your metabolic rate is also lower making you prone to weight gain.

To sum up

While there are reasons why losing weight is harder for women, it must not stop you from trying. Get in touch with a freelance personal trainer in Singapore, put in effort on a regular basis and there’s no way you will not be able to lose those extra kgs.

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