Top 4 Training Splits For Bodybuilders

When it comes to muscle bodybuilding, no one will give you a program that will magically transform you into a physique contestant overnight. It requires years of hard work, persistence, and many trials and errors to make your dream physique a reality. Your freelance personal trainer Singapore can make recommendations concerning ideal workouts, effective sets-and-reps patterns, and exceptional training methods but in the end, you are the one to determine if a particular workout program works for your body. Devising a successful workout split relies on factors specific to you such as your goals, individual differences, schedule, and energy system requirements. This excerpt will review 4 simple, proven splits for effective training to help you select one that fits your needs.


1. The Push and Pull Training

This workout split involves dividing your exercise routine into two sessions whereby you work all of your push muscles in the first session and all your pull muscles in the second one. The push muscles include shoulders, triceps, and chest. The pull muscles consist of biceps muscles and back muscles. The push and pull routine has a separate session for training abs, legs, and calves.

On push sessions, as you work your chest, you also train your shoulder and triceps by using them to push the weights. Similarly, on pull sessions, as you work your back, you also leverage your biceps to perform the pulling movements. The idea behind the push/pull system is to train body parts that help each other during a specific workout.


2. The Non-Competing Supersets

This training split entails training the back and chest in one session, the arms and shoulders in another session, and dedicating a separate session for training the legs. Working the chest and back together encourages maintenance of a lot of blood in the torso thereby creating a wonderful pump. This session also gives the arms and the shoulders a fair training as well, so you must come up with a way of avoiding over-training them during the shoulder/arms day. The best way of organizing this workout split is to dedicate day one for training the chest and back, day two for the legs, and then day three for the arms and shoulders. This arrangement gives the arms and shoulders a day of rest in between workout. For those who want to cut weight and attain a perfect body, they can use this workout split along with a reliable male weight loss training program in Singapore.


3. Specialization Training Splits

Specialization routines concentrate on bringing up a stagnant body part in a short period. They involve committing more than three days every week on a single body part as well as a single day every week for keeping other body parts fit.  The purpose of specialization training is to jump-start inactive gains on a specific body part.


4. The One Body Part Per Day Workout

This workout split involves training one body part a day. For instance, you may train the chest on the first day, the biceps on the second day, and legs on the third day, and so on until you have finished a workout cycle for your whole body within a week. This routine is time-consuming and unfeasible for individuals with busy work schedules since missing one session can interfere with the flow of the program.

When using any split program, it is imperative to organize it in a way that it will give you sufficient recovery. You should also eat well and train hard to realize positive results.  Remember to involve a Singapore qualified freelance personal trainer in the process of developing your split routine.