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Singapore Personal Trainer Price

At SGFithub, all training sessions are carried out by an experienced and certified personal fitness trainer.  Our fitness trainers are flexible and will train with you at your desired training and within your training budget.

Our fitness training packages are affordable and designed to fit your training budget. Our fitness training packages are as follows:

For Individual

  • Boost Package* (Best Seller)
  • $90 per session
  • This package is for 20 sessions. (worth $1,800)

For Buddy

For Group/ Corporate

  • Corporate Package
  • Get Free Quote
  • Please Contact Us And Receive A Free Quote.

What You Get

1) In-Depth Consultation

This is the most important session since it will determine what goes into the program that both you and your trainer create. Your trainer will assess your fitness condition including any existing exercise routines and past work out or strength training experiences.  He/She will also seek to find out if you have an existing medical condition and what your nutritional habits are like, body weight measurement and composition. You and your trainer will have a candid discussion around your objectives and set realistic goals.

2) Dietary Plan

Proper nutrition is key to the success of your fitness goals. Your trainer will customize a meal plan that includes foods which uphold your health and physical goals.

3) Grocery Shopping

Proper nutrition cannot be overstated. Your trainer will provide a chaperone service to guide the client on a healthy selection of grocery shopping.

4) Training Session

Your trainer will conduct personal training for 1 hour.

5) Personal Program

Your private fitness trainer will provide an easy to follow or a sustainable workout program for you to execute on non-training days.

6) Outstation/Travel Workout Program

You do not have to miss your workout sessions when you travel. Upon request, your trainer will prepare a hotel workout program for you. You and your trainer can discuss the technological options available to ensure that you stay on track  

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