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The Best Ways Of Losing Weight

Getting a toned, lean body ever desired…

In recent times, complaints of obesity have dominated the Singapore landscape. This increases day in, day out, and much prevalent in the young, adult and old. To this end, those endowed with a toned, lean body have become the object of attraction and envy.

While obesity might be natural, it is not a good physique, particularly for men. More often than not, it can be the main cause of diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. In the light of this, freelance personal trainer Singapore has emerged with the primary objective of introducing stress-free ways of losing weight.

More fundamentally, freelance personal trainer, Singapore is made up of a league of experts that offer specialized training in weight loss. It is interesting to note that these sets of individuals provide personal training services. As a result, it is a glad tiding for everyone that solution to weight loss is now at their beck and call.

Given the fact that a proper weight makes you feel healthier, fit, and more energetic, it should be noted that there are now many male weight loss training programs Singapore where obese people are enlightened on losing weight. Little wonder that this article occupies a place of pride for those intending to lose weight.

Fat Loss Personal Training for Men

Given the professionalism of freelance Personal Trainer Singapore, it is said that obesity is more peculiar to men and might be dangerous if not tackled head-on. In the light of this, we offer an intense and proven fat loss program.

More importantly, male weight loss training program Singapore recommends tips and helpful exercises that are capable of speeding up weight loss. Having known that our Singapore clients, particularly male often have emotional reasons for being unhappy due to their current body weight or shape, we ensure that it is by-gone with the professional touches of our trainer.

Relevant Exercises for Weight Loss

From time immemorial, the centerpiece of male weight loss training program Singapore is the concentration on the following exercises are helpful for weight loss:

❖        Sprinting

❖        Bodyweight lifting

❖        Squatting

❖        Dead-lifts

❖        Chin-ups

❖        Pushups and lots more…

Essential Diet for Weight Loss

The following Diets are essential for men:

✓         Water

Regular drinking of water makes the body well hydrated. Water is vital to the body because it ensures your metabolism is up, thus, helps for weight loss.

✓         Increase Protein Consumption

Given the fact that protein is central to the development of muscles, it can also be used to speed up metabolism in the body. It aids lean body by burning a number of calories in the process of digesting it. Proteins include lean beef, eggs, cheese, among others.

✓         Increase in Iron Consumption

It is a fact that the absence of iron in your diet will reduce the rate of metabolism. As a weight loss tip for men, it is important to know that the addition of numerous iron nutrients in your daily food will aid weight loss. The essential food materials that give iron include red meat, beans, shellfish, among others.

✓         Inclusion of Carbohydrates in Your Diet

Carbohydrates are crucial for the development of muscle. It will be difficult to have a lean body if there are no Carbohydrates because it will lead to the conversion of protein for energy. Carbohydrates sources include; bread, popcorn, beans, among others.

Why Weight Loss Is Harder For Women

Ladies, if you’ve really struggled to lose each pound while you notice that men seem to lose weight without doing much, it is not something you are hallucinating. According to the research, men do lose fat more easily than women, particularly belly fat around the middle waist.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that weight loss is a far-fetched dream for women. You just need to adopt a fundamentally different approach because your body is different. You just need more time and more effort to achieve your goals. Diet and certain other lifestyle changes can help you shed those extra pounds rather quickly if you make them a part of your daily routine.

Reasons why weight loss is harder for women

Men and women have different hormone and body compositions. Estrogen and progesterone – the primary female sex hormones – make them crave food much more often than men. On the other hand, the primary male hormone, testosterone, even though present in both men and women but larger quantities in men, helps with muscle building and fat loss.

Women also face natural and biological challenges when it comes to weight loss. Women have the ability to bear children and nature wants to preserve that capability. If women are at a calorie deficit, it can interfere with their fertility. A women’s body automatically fights weight loss to prevent the risk of damaging the reproductive capacity. Daily calorie consumption for a woman must never be below 1200 calories.

Women have the tendency to gain weight as they age. On an average, women gain one pound every year in their 40s and 50s. This means that they notice an increase of 1 to 2 kg. Estrogen levels drop during this time of pre-menopause leading to weight gain followed by an irregular distribution of fat. Your belly is prone to have fat deposits now.

Age also makes people less active. This means that the ability to burn calories reduces. As you burn lesser calories throughout the day, you start putting on weight. Additionally, you naturally lose muscle mass as a result of hormonal changes, which further reduces your daily rate of calorie-burn. Muscle tissue is responsible for burning calories and if your body has a less lean tissue, your metabolic rate is also lower making you prone to weight gain.

To sum up

While there are reasons why losing weight is harder for women, it must not stop you from trying. Get in touch with a freelance personal trainer in Singapore, put in effort on a regular basis and there’s no way you will not be able to lose those extra kgs.

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Top 4 Training Splits For Bodybuilders

When it comes to muscle bodybuilding, no one will give you a program that will magically transform you into a physique contestant overnight. It requires years of hard work, persistence, and many trials and errors to make your dream physique a reality. Your freelance personal trainer Singapore can make recommendations concerning ideal workouts, effective sets-and-reps patterns, and exceptional training methods but in the end, you are the one to determine if a particular workout program works for your body. Devising a successful workout split relies on factors specific to you such as your goals, individual differences, schedule, and energy system requirements. This excerpt will review 4 simple, proven splits for effective training to help you select one that fits your needs.


1. The Push and Pull Training

This workout split involves dividing your exercise routine into two sessions whereby you work all of your push muscles in the first session and all your pull muscles in the second one. The push muscles include shoulders, triceps, and chest. The pull muscles consist of biceps muscles and back muscles. The push and pull routine has a separate session for training abs, legs, and calves.

On push sessions, as you work your chest, you also train your shoulder and triceps by using them to push the weights. Similarly, on pull sessions, as you work your back, you also leverage your biceps to perform the pulling movements. The idea behind the push/pull system is to train body parts that help each other during a specific workout.


2. The Non-Competing Supersets

This training split entails training the back and chest in one session, the arms and shoulders in another session, and dedicating a separate session for training the legs. Working the chest and back together encourages maintenance of a lot of blood in the torso thereby creating a wonderful pump. This session also gives the arms and the shoulders a fair training as well, so you must come up with a way of avoiding over-training them during the shoulder/arms day. The best way of organizing this workout split is to dedicate day one for training the chest and back, day two for the legs, and then day three for the arms and shoulders. This arrangement gives the arms and shoulders a day of rest in between workout. For those who want to cut weight and attain a perfect body, they can use this workout split along with a reliable male weight loss training program in Singapore.


3. Specialization Training Splits

Specialization routines concentrate on bringing up a stagnant body part in a short period. They involve committing more than three days every week on a single body part as well as a single day every week for keeping other body parts fit.  The purpose of specialization training is to jump-start inactive gains on a specific body part.


4. The One Body Part Per Day Workout

This workout split involves training one body part a day. For instance, you may train the chest on the first day, the biceps on the second day, and legs on the third day, and so on until you have finished a workout cycle for your whole body within a week. This routine is time-consuming and unfeasible for individuals with busy work schedules since missing one session can interfere with the flow of the program.

When using any split program, it is imperative to organize it in a way that it will give you sufficient recovery. You should also eat well and train hard to realize positive results.  Remember to involve a Singapore qualified freelance personal trainer in the process of developing your split routine.

The Ideal Solution To Weight Loss

Bolstering your confidence and personality through impressive physique!

There is no doubt that the impressive physique of a man generates attraction and admiration in the midst of people, particularly females. Little wonder that male weight loss training program Singapore is being embraced by many people with the view of becoming a magnet of attraction.

Despite the afore-stated claim, only a few naturally passed the test of good appearance due to the unbefitting nature of obesity and their naivety towards a balanced diet. To this end, proffering solutions to dissatisfactory weight gain have become a child of necessity. In the light of this, freelance personal trainer Singapore is in operation for those that want to lose weight easily and quickly.

Knowing that being plus sized with flabby arms and thighs is no fun, our professional freelance personal trainer Singapore are always ready and committed to giving you one-on-one coaching with the aim of losing weight in a healthier way. It should be noted that our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Having tried the self-imposed diet, swimming and running with no desirable result seen, you suddenly decide to go on panic mode and give up. It is high-time, forget your worries as our freelance personal trainer Singapore will bring about your attainment of weight loss in just a couple of weeks.

More importantly, we specialize in the matching of personal trainers with clients who have distinguished themselves in the field of weight training. As a result, male weight loss training program Singapore is here to equip you with the relevant skills and knowledge so as attain weight loss.

Worthy of note, however, is that male weight loss training program Singapore covers home gyms, fitness classes coupled with one-on-one fitness training sessions. The training program of our fitness trainers in Singapore has offered a great deal of assistance in ensuring weight loss, muscle building, bodybuilding, and general fitness.

Worthy Exercises for Weight Loss

✓ Goblet Squat

This is one of the essential exercises to lose weight. It is typically the best way to squat. Men often find this easy, while weight loss is harder for women because they cannot keep their trunk upright. And that is what eases the stress off their spine and works their thighs.

✓ Barbell Muscle Snatch or Dumbbell Muscle Snatch

This is another form of exercise. It is the process of lifting dumbbell towards easing body weight. This kind of weight loss is harder for women, while men find it seamless. The easiest way of raising it is to extend your ankles, knees, and hips to stand at the top of the move.

✓ Dumbbell Skier Swing or Alternating Kettle-bell Swing

Over time, the swing has been tested and trusted to improve fitness coupled with the reduction of fat. However, dumbbell skier builds muscle, stimulates metabolism. By keeping your metabolism up, your calories are reduced.

✓ Step-up Jump

Like squat box jump, this form of exercise helps to train your lower-body power and diminish calories at a speed of light. Step-up Jump is more concentrated on the hip, and as a result, it reflects more on your knees which is a form of weight loss harder for women.

Helpful Diets for Weight Loss

❖ Drink lots of water.

❖ Eat more vegetables.
❖ Consume fruits regularly (banana and melons). It is a truism that no one can add weight by regularly eating fruit, most especially, fruits with high sugar such as bananas and melons.
❖ Eat more protein.
❖ Supplement with fish oil.
❖ Start your meals with a salad.

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Diet Changes Recommended for Female Weight Loss

When you have a long way to go in terms of weight loss, deciding on where to start can be super-overwhelming – Should you hire a personal fitness trainer in Singapore? Should you hit the gym? Should you follow a diet? Or should you just give up on the dream to lose weight? If these questions regularly flash on your mind, we’ve got the answers for you.

Here are some simple changes that can help you make the biggest impact on the scale. These tips are tried-and-tested and may be just what you need to get on the right track and achieve some serious results.

  1. Maintain a food journal: If you record what you consume, you will be able to keep a check on your weight. When you are aware of the incorrect, unhealthy, high-calorie foods you are consuming, eliminating them from your diet becomes easier. Another interesting thing to do is to observe why you eat certain foods. Some people have a tendency to eat chocolates or junk to cope with stress. Make sure you are not making any such mistakes and have a record of what you eat.
  2. Rethink your plate and bowl sizes: While you are figuring out what to eat, take a look at the portions as well. For the purpose of weight loss, you need to cut down on servings. The best way to do this is by using smaller plates and bowls. When the size of your plates and bowls is small, the amount you eat will also become smaller.
  3. Do your homework: Resisting your temptation at a restaurant can be challenging. So, if you know that you have to eat out with friends, check the menu beforehand and identify the healthy options. Some restaurants try to make you think things are healthy when they are not. Just make sure you know how to identify what is actually healthy.
  4. Try the one-one-one principle: An easy principle to apply is to make every meal have one carbohydrate, one protein, and one fat. This rule of thumb makes for a healthy, well-balanced diet that gives you all the nutrition you need and also cuts down on the calories you are consuming.
  5. Trick your sweet tooth: Switch to healthy ideas to fix your sugar consumption. There are several dessert options with only 150 calories or lesser. Start consuming these instead of your regular treats.

Diet plays an important role in the overall well-being of an individual and, therefore, must not be played with too much. You must not let your body starve but also keep a tab on the number of calories you consume.

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5 Actionable Tips for Building Muscles Quickly


People engage in muscle building exercises for a wide array of reasons. Some desire to get bigger and stronger while others aim at boosting their power for sports. Whatever the reason, building muscles efficiently involves more than just spending countless hours at the weight rack. Apart from your strength-training program, diet and lifestyle decisions play instrumental roles. Keep reading to learn 5 actionable tips you can use to gain muscles quickly.


1. Perform Compound Exercises

The most effective strategy for building lean mass is performing compound exercises. These exercises work muscles at multiple joints. They include deadlift, press, squat, pull-ups, and row.  Compound exercises recruit a big chunk of muscle mass and trigger the release of growth promoting hormones like testosterone. Since compound exercises offer efficient training, you should make them the foundation of your workout routine. You can also throw in some isolation exercises like leg extensions and curls, but they should serve as your dessert once you have completed your main course of compound exercises. You can also enlist the services of a freelance personal trainer Singapore to customize a workout routine that meets your needs and goals.


2. Introduce More Protein in Your Diet

Your muscles will grow larger at a fast rate if your body can store more protein through the process called protein synthesis. However, your body constantly drains its protein supplies for other activities like synthesizing hormones. Such activities reduce the amount of protein present for muscle building. The best solution to this issue is building and storing new proteins at a quick rate than your body uses old proteins. When you are preparing your protein-rich dishes, 20 grams of protein is the maximum amount recommended for muscle growth. Hosts of studies have revealed that the maximum amount of protein used for muscle building at any particular sitting is 20 grams. About 80 grams of protein on a daily basis or four meals each with 20 grams of protein is ideal for most people. Examples of protein-rich foods are cheese, chicken breast, eggs, beans, milk, soy, and lean beef.


3. Consume More Carbs

Low-carb diets are ideal for individuals looking to shed a few pounds. However, if you want to build muscles, you must eat plenty of calories. To get huge, you should be prepared to gain a little fat by consuming clean food and adequate calories. When starting, you can introduce carbs in the meals you consume both before and after exercising. From there, you can increase or decrease carb meals depending on how you are advancing toward your goals. If you need to lose a few pounds, you should look for a reliable male weight loss training program in Singapore and follow it strictly.


4. Get Enough, Restful Sleep

Recovery is instrumental in fast-paced muscle growth, and sleeping for at least 8 hours per night is the best way to recover. Getting sufficient, restful sleep speed-ups production of proteins and building of more muscles. It also spikes up the levels of human growth hormones. Consider recording your favorite TV programs that would otherwise keep you awake.


5. Exercise Each Muscle at Least 2-3 times a Week

Bodybuilding routines are usually designed to work each individual muscle once per week, meaning you go for a long duration without working a particular muscle group. If your weight lifting program in Singapore can’t extend beyond three times a week, try changing to full-body exercises where you work the whole body in every session. That way, you will work each individual muscle three times on a weekly basis. Do two to three reps for each muscle group. Speeding up the regularity with which you are hitting each muscle will enable you to attain strength and gain more muscles quickly. Consider working with a competent freelance personal trainer Singapore in creating a personalized workout program that helps you work out your entire body.

The most critical thing when it comes to effectively building muscles is working out regularly. If you remain consistent, all your efforts and commitment will pay off and you will realize visible results. You will also attain a high level of fitness and quality health.



An Alternative To Male Obesity

Making it possible to lose weight at your convenience…

It is inarguably clear that fatty males find it hard to exert confidence and feeling of satisfaction with themselves. Consciously or unconsciously, this has often led to broad imagination among these people in hope of losing weight, at least, one inch off their waistline every week.

Over time, the thoughts of these people are left at the realm of imagination with the belief that it can hardly come true. In the light of this, freelance personal trainer Singapore is on track to bring your age-long dream into reality by making it possible to lose weight at your convenience.

Therefore, the primary purpose of our freelance personal trainer Singapore is to ensure you achieve that slim, enticing upper and lower body that makes you feel delighted with yourself in a couple of weeks. It is heartening to say that your age-long dream of losing fat will be made possible with our help.

It is instructive to note that, you might have been on the gym for a long period of time without getting desired output or being placed on a diet to reduce in weight, only to discover that it just makes you hungry without desirable effect. Stress yourself no more. We have a professional freelance personal trainer Singapore in the field of weight loss.

Interestingly, these trainers offer male weight loss training program Singapore which makes it easy to receive valuable instructions and tips. It is high time; you said goodbye to obesity and its possible negative consequences such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Having undertaken rigorous research, it has been discovered that men can achieve fast and effective weight loss by making professional changes to their diet as well as regular exercise. Hence, this male weight loss training program Singapore impacts quickly and proactively on your body.

It is noteworthy that our world-renowned personal trainers have the ability to conduct accurate diagnosis on your body with the view of knowing the particular solutions that will sculpt out your desired physique through our male weight loss training program Singapore.

Weight Loss Tips for Men

The following variables are instrumental for men to attain weight loss:

✓ A balanced diet

It should be noted that a balanced diet is a diet recommended for female weight loss also. It is rich in fruit and vegetables, but low in fatty food will yield healthy and sustainable weight loss. It can also be complemented with regular and consistent exercise.

✓ Alcohol

It is ascertained that alcohol is mostly responsible for abdominal fat for many men and dangerous for women. You are at this moment advised not to quench your thirst with beer, instead drink water. While liquor raises calories in the body and slows down metabolism, water reduces body calories and speed up the metabolic reaction. Hence the latter leads to loss of weight.

✓ Be Active

There is no gainsaying that idleness, knowingly or unknowingly, increases body weight. Always endeavor to participate in one or the other at any level. More often than not, it is regarded as a diet recommended for male weight loss. Most importantly, engaging in an exercise, getting fit and building muscle are essentials for men to attain weight loss.

✓ Regular Exercise

Engaging yourself in regular exercise would put you in good stead to reduce weight because fat calories are burnt in the process of exercising. Most of these helpful exercises include: sprinting, visiting the gym center, spring trim-up, sit-ups, push-ups, and weightlifting.


5 Weight Loss Tips For Women

Most women struggle to lose weight and fit into their old pair of jeans. But if you use the right techniques and follow a proper routine, chances that you will be able to achieve your goal are high. In certain cases, you could not only achieve your goal but maybe even end up losing 10kg. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Start small: Some women want to do 3 sets of 15 reps from the first day itself. This is not advisable because your body is not used to such strenuous workout and will not be able to adapt. Let it be a gradual process. Start walking or jogging for about 15 minutes per day and then increase it to 30 minutes and 45 minutes with time. Any qualified freelance personal trainer in Singapore will also advise you to take up workout routines gradually.
  2. Don’t give up: When you hit your first weight loss plateau, don’t get disheartened and feel defeated. Keep pushing and putting in the effort to continue. Those who get discouraged are never able to lose weight and achieve their targets.
  3. Be realistic: Monitor your diet to see what needs to go out. Even if you do excessive cardio but eat French fries every single day and carbohydrates in every meal, there will be no benefit. A diet heavy in carbohydrates and fried foods are not conducive to weight loss. You need to cut down on your meal sizes and make them healthy. Switch from three large meals to six small meals that mostly comprise fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, lean meats, and nuts.
  4. Get a healthy meal of your choice: Weight loss routines are difficult to stick to if you make your meals boring. You instantly get attracted to the delicious stuff and all your determination goes in vain. It is, therefore, suggested that you research the healthiest and tastiest options and consume that for most meals during the week. For instance, you can enjoy grilled chicken with a slice of whole-wheat bread and if you are focused enough, you wouldn’t even realize that you are repeatedly eating the same dish again and again.
  5. Prepare for heavy meals: If you know that you have a dinner to attend where you will be consuming extra calories, take in lighter meals throughout the day. Start with a smoothie for breakfast and then maybe opt for a salad for lunch.

These are some small changes that you can incorporate into your daily routine to achieve weight loss goals. Just like these changes are small alterations, the changes in weight will also be small, to begin with.

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