5 Ways To Maintain Your Muscles When You Have No Time

The simplest strategy for maintaining your muscle mass is following a strength-training program strictly. However, aging, injury, busy work schedule, and adjustments in your physical needs can significantly affect how you strength train. In some instances, they can make you unable to strength train. Whatever happens, you can put in place numerous measures to maintain your muscle mass such as observing an adjusted strength-training program, consuming a healthy, balanced diet, and seeking professional assistance from a freelance personal trainer Singapore.


  1. Adjust Your Strength-training Routine

No matter the reason why you have to reduce or keep off your training schedule, there is still a wide range of workouts you can perform to help preserve your strength. If finding time is becoming an issue, performing a full circuit once or twice per week will lead to wonderful results. If you are staying away from your training program due to an injury, continue exercising the uninjured parts of your body. A freelance personal trainer may assist you to pick ideal workouts to preserve muscles without worsening your injury.


  1. Incorporate Exercises into Your Day-to-day Life

When it becomes difficult to engage in frequent strength or resistance workout routines, you can incorporate exercise in your day-to-day life to ensure your muscles are always active and engaged. For instance, if you have a chance to use the elevator or the stairs, take the stairs and acquire a mini leg exercise. Identify areas in your daily life where you can add a few more workouts naturally. Other important exercises worth considering are taking a stroll around a parking lot to lengthen your walk, carrying heavy items such as jars with a basket rather than a cart, and walking to the nearest restaurant for your lunch break instead of eating at the office’s cafeteria. Consider joining a male weight loss training program in Singapore to burn fats and maintain muscle.


  1. Stick to a Healthy, Well-proportioned Diet

A well-balanced diet is a critical part of maintaining your muscle and burning fats when strength training is impossible. If you aren’t working out on a regular basis, you will need to cut back your calories intake, increase your protein intake, consume moderate levels of healthy fats, and limit your carbohydrates consumption.  Consider eating a diet packed with fresh fruits and vegetables, together with lean proteins such as fish, tofu, and chicken. Add carbs to your body by eating whole grains and healthy fats by consuming plant oils and nuts.


  1. Get Adequate Sleep and Rest

Sleep is an ideal time to rebuild and repair muscles. Hormones like human growth hormone and testosterone responsible for reconstructing and repairing your body are active when you are asleep. Therefore, getting adequate sleep speeds up this process. Resting is critical as well because emotional stress may activate catabolic stress hormones that can cause more muscle destruction.


  1. Reduce Alcohol Intake

One or two drinks may have insignificant effects on your muscles. However, excessive alcohol consumption may be harmful to your muscle mass. Other than other destructive effects of too much alcohol intake, drinking excessively increases the estrogen levels and reduces your testosterone, leading to more muscle loss.


The bottom line is that you can still preserve your muscle even if you can’t engage in your strength training routine. The above 5 tips will be helpful during such times. Don’t forget to enlist expert help from a reputable freelance personal trainer Singapore.