5 Fat Loss Mistakes that Most Men Make

Fat loss is among the most popular goals that most people look forward to achieving. Obese people who must lose weight to restore their health and individuals who chase aesthetics go to the gym in order to lose fat. The journey to fat loss may seem easy, but it is tricky. Most men end up making mistakes while trying to burn fats and lose weight. Here are 5 fat loss mistakes that men make and ways of avoiding them.


  1. Listening and Following Incorrect Advice

Most men usually listen to erroneous advice from their friends or workmates and end up not getting the results they need. Definitely, it is exciting to share ideas with other individuals at the gym and it is helpful in building camaraderie. However, if you want genuine results from your weight loss efforts, you should be ready to adhere to the guidance of a credentialed expert like a freelance personal trainer Singapore.


  1. Lifting Too Heavy Weight

Weight lifting is an effective tactic of burning fats, but if you do it incorrectly, you won’t achieve the much-needed results. It is common to see men in the gym attempting to lift the heaviest weight available. Although it is remarkable to grab the biggest dumbbell on the stand, the notion that heavier is better is scientifically incorrect.  Lighter weights with the right form are more reliable as far as achieving the desired fat loss results is concerned.  Enrolling in an effective male weight loss training program Singapore can be a great way to ensure you are lifting suitable weights and in a correct manner.


  1. Unregulated Mid-night Binges and Confusing Thirst for Hunger

Although portion control for a person engaging in heavy workouts isn’t a wise idea, sneaking to the fridge in the middle of the night to grab a snack is also a big no. Mostly, the human body confuses thirst for hunger. When you feel hungry deep in the night, just drink a glass of water instead of munching on a snack. Remember, diet recommended for female weight loss is slightly different to that recommended for male weight loss. Therefore, a diet that seems to work for your wife, girlfriend, or female colleague may not work for you.


  1. Focusing too Much on Steady State Cardio Workouts

Moderate aerobic exercises are ideal for heart health. However, if you want to lose fat, you must train at different intensity levels. Try doing high-intensity workouts like high-speed indoor cycling, sprint sessions on the treadmill, simple jumping jacks, and jump rope session. If deciding which high-intensity workouts to include in your training routine is proving to be a difficult task, then hiring a freelance personal trainer Singapore would be a wise move.


  1. Focusing Too much on Fat Loss Diet and Overlooking Muscle Building

Raising your basic metabolic rate (BMR) accelerates fat loss. The strategies for raising your BMR include high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and taking multiple meals per day. You need to know that BMR should be at a high level the entire day and not just while you are busting a couple of moves. Adding more lean muscle mass is an ideal strategy for keeping your BMR always high. Ensure you eat to burn fat as well as build muscle. A mixture of excellent first class protein and intricate carbs would be a perfect choice.


Avoid these fat loss mistakes and concentrate on workouts and foods that will quicken fat loss and fully transform your body. Always set realistic goals and work towards achieving them. You can also adopt a professionally designed male weight loss training program in Singapore to keep common fat loss mistakes at bay.