5 Diet Changes Women Can Make to Lose Weight

Eat a shrimp and lose weight. Women would be the happiest if the weight loss journey were that easy. There is no magic bullet as far as accomplishing your weight-loss goals is involved. Healthy weight loss revolves around altering your nutrition practices – increasing your consumption of some foods, reducing how frequently you eat certain foods, and knowing how to create a perfect balance that put your personality and lifestyle into consideration. Such kinds of adjustments along with professional guidance from a freelance personal trainer Singapore result in sustainable outcomes. Over time, as you start feeling healthier and stronger, those changes will be instrumental in helping you become an enthusiast of healthy eating. Keep reading to discover 5 practical diet changes that could help kick-start your weight loss.


  1. Eat Your Lunch Early

The findings of a recent research published in Obesity Journal reveal that eating lunch earlier could fast track your weight loss. Subjects who took their lunch earlier shed 25 percent more pounds compared to those who ate past 3 p.m. All subjects ate the same quantity of calories as well as the same type of foods. Researchers suspect that this weight difference could be due to hunger activating longings for junk food.


  1. Strictly Observe Eating Schedule

Quality and amount of food you consume are critical parts of your weight loss journey. No matter the diet you select, the time you eat is imperative as well. Fasting throughout the day and disregarding hunger could result in bingeing later.  Furthermore, the fluctuations of hunger during the day could make it impossible to keep cravings away. Taking regular meals at the right time could be helpful in normalizing your metabolism.


  1. Lower Your Carbs Intake

The most crucial diet change when it comes to losing weight is cutting back on carbs. Doing that lowers your hunger levels and the amount of calories you consume reduces significantly. Rather than your body obtaining energy from carbs, it starts to burn stored fat. Another bonus of lowering carbs consumption is that it brings insulin levels down, allowing your kidneys to get rid of excess water and sodium from your body.


  1. Consume Protein during the Morning Hours to Avoid Nighttime Sugar Cravings

Taking protein during the morning hours stabilizes your blood sugar. Ensure you consume a protein-rich source with your breakfast. Some superb sources of protein include eggs, cottage cheese, and Greek yogurt. Consuming more protein with your breakfast could also help minimize sugar longings in the afternoon hours.


  1. Lower Your Intake of Alcoholic Drinks

Drinking more water and fewer alcoholic drinks could benefit not only your weight loss goals but also your health. Although you don’t have to avoid alcohol altogether, you should find out if it has any role to play in your general health goals. Other than calories, alcoholic drinks don’t provide much when it comes to nutrition, so it is an important consideration to make before adopting any weight-loss program. Ask yourself whether you should take alcohol or not, how frequently, what kind, and how much may be suitable for your timeline as well as weight loss goals.


Although you can achieve your weight loss purely through diet changes, exercising can accelerate the process.  You can go to the gym thrice or four times per week, do some stretching and lift some weights. It is imperative to work with a reliable freelance personal trainer Singapore to ensure you are lifting the right weights and the right way.