5 Actionable Tips for Building Muscles Quickly


People engage in muscle building exercises for a wide array of reasons. Some desire to get bigger and stronger while others aim at boosting their power for sports. Whatever the reason, building muscles efficiently involves more than just spending countless hours at the weight rack. Apart from your strength-training program, diet and lifestyle decisions play instrumental roles. Keep reading to learn 5 actionable tips you can use to gain muscles quickly.


1. Perform Compound Exercises

The most effective strategy for building lean mass is performing compound exercises. These exercises work muscles at multiple joints. They include deadlift, press, squat, pull-ups, and row.  Compound exercises recruit a big chunk of muscle mass and trigger the release of growth promoting hormones like testosterone. Since compound exercises offer efficient training, you should make them the foundation of your workout routine. You can also throw in some isolation exercises like leg extensions and curls, but they should serve as your dessert once you have completed your main course of compound exercises. You can also enlist the services of a freelance personal trainer Singapore to customize a workout routine that meets your needs and goals.


2. Introduce More Protein in Your Diet

Your muscles will grow larger at a fast rate if your body can store more protein through the process called protein synthesis. However, your body constantly drains its protein supplies for other activities like synthesizing hormones. Such activities reduce the amount of protein present for muscle building. The best solution to this issue is building and storing new proteins at a quick rate than your body uses old proteins. When you are preparing your protein-rich dishes, 20 grams of protein is the maximum amount recommended for muscle growth. Hosts of studies have revealed that the maximum amount of protein used for muscle building at any particular sitting is 20 grams. About 80 grams of protein on a daily basis or four meals each with 20 grams of protein is ideal for most people. Examples of protein-rich foods are cheese, chicken breast, eggs, beans, milk, soy, and lean beef.


3. Consume More Carbs

Low-carb diets are ideal for individuals looking to shed a few pounds. However, if you want to build muscles, you must eat plenty of calories. To get huge, you should be prepared to gain a little fat by consuming clean food and adequate calories. When starting, you can introduce carbs in the meals you consume both before and after exercising. From there, you can increase or decrease carb meals depending on how you are advancing toward your goals. If you need to lose a few pounds, you should look for a reliable male weight loss training program in Singapore and follow it strictly.


4. Get Enough, Restful Sleep

Recovery is instrumental in fast-paced muscle growth, and sleeping for at least 8 hours per night is the best way to recover. Getting sufficient, restful sleep speed-ups production of proteins and building of more muscles. It also spikes up the levels of human growth hormones. Consider recording your favorite TV programs that would otherwise keep you awake.


5. Exercise Each Muscle at Least 2-3 times a Week

Bodybuilding routines are usually designed to work each individual muscle once per week, meaning you go for a long duration without working a particular muscle group. If your weight lifting program in Singapore can’t extend beyond three times a week, try changing to full-body exercises where you work the whole body in every session. That way, you will work each individual muscle three times on a weekly basis. Do two to three reps for each muscle group. Speeding up the regularity with which you are hitting each muscle will enable you to attain strength and gain more muscles quickly. Consider working with a competent freelance personal trainer Singapore in creating a personalized workout program that helps you work out your entire body.

The most critical thing when it comes to effectively building muscles is working out regularly. If you remain consistent, all your efforts and commitment will pay off and you will realize visible results. You will also attain a high level of fitness and quality health.