4 Core-Focused Exercises to Help Men Lose Belly Fat

Getting a fully toned and flat belly is one of the many things that many people associate with weight loss. Flat belly serves as an outward sign that you exercise and you are mindful of what you eat. Furthermore, losing fat around your tummy is an effective strategy for improving your health. Various studies associate large waist size with cardiovascular diseases, some forms of cancers, and diabetes. Nonetheless, spot reduction won’t work when it comes to losing tummy fat.

Unlike men, women have a lower metabolic rate that is why weight loss is harder for women. This means their bodies utilize fewer calories to drive ordinary body functions like blood circulation, thinking, and breathing. The remaining calories are kept as fat. Here are 5 core-focused workouts to help you drive out that belly fat within a short duration. You will realize splendid results if you perform some of these exercises under the guidance of a licensed freelance personal trainer in Singapore.

1. Burpee

If your goal is to lose belly fat, you must train a wide array of muscles. The burpee will help you do just that. This high-intensity workout involves shifting from a pushup posture to a jump one and eventually to a pushup posture – it works every muscle starting from head to toe. Researchers from the American College of Sports Medicine discovered that 10 quick repetitions of burpee accelerate your metabolism at the same rate as 30 seconds of a maximum sprint.

How to do it: Assume a pushup position, do a pushup, and then hurriedly change the movement and do a jump once you stand. That’s a complete rep and you can do 5-10 of them based on your strength.

2. Bicycle Crunch

This workout strengthens and tones abdominal muscles effectively. It also hits your glutes and thighs. The bicycle crunch is one of the best abdominal workouts for stimulating the obliques and rectus abdominis. You will only need a mat or carpeted floor to lie down on when performing this exercise. Bicycle crunches are ideal workouts to include in a male weight loss training program Singapore.

How to do it: Lie flat on your back with your hands at the back of your head just like normal crunches. Raise both legs away from the floor and twist them at the knees. Gently lift your upper body away from the ground and maintain that posture. In one move, bow your upper body towards the right and pull your right knee near your right elbow. Resume the starting position and do the same move with the other side. Keep switching sides to imitate the motions of riding a bicycle.

3. Mountain Climber

The mountain climber is simply a moving plank whereby you do a mini crunch as you bring one knee towards your chest. This workout is quite hard but burns belly fat effectively. You can perform it interval-style whereby you turn it into a reliable conditioning move to accelerate your heart rate and burn lots of calories. For instance, you can perform as many repetitions as possible for 20 seconds, relax for 10 seconds, and resume for 4 minutes.

How to do it: Take up a pushup posture and ensure your body is in a straight line. Lift your right foot away from the floor and push your right knee into your chest. Pat the floor using your right foot and then resume to the beginning position. Switch legs with each rep.

4. Medicine Ball Slam

All your power is centered at your core, so doing explosive movement such as the medicine ball slam necessitates working together of all your neck and hips muscle. If you increase the pace and thrust the ball with more energy and speed, you will increase your heart rate and blast tons of belly flab. If you do this move with power and speed, a 3-kilo med ball will deliver excellent results. Exercises that hasten your heart rate like medicine ball slam can be an excellent addition to your male weight loss training program in Singapore.

How to do it: Keep your feet shoulder-width spaced out and clinch the ball over your head. Slam it on the floor with all your energy and catch the rebound. Perform this move as many times as you can and as fast as possible.

Doing these exercises correctly can help you burn belly fat and add muscle tone in your abdominal area. If you combine these workouts with a healthy diet, you will fast-track the process of burning belly fat. Always keep a freelance personal trainer Singapore in the loop even as you work towards getting rid of fat around your abdominal area.